Löpning Östersundstrail Spikbodarna


Awesome discovery to have Spikbodarna right close to us! In this colourful autumn season it’s a great place to go running (or at a more leisurely pace if you so prefer). And when the winter season starts there’s plenty of trails for cross country skiing!

Barkaby Fotboll

Autumn sure showed it’s true colour yesterday. It was raining cats and dogs when Bele Barkaby kicked off for the match against IF Ope. Within 10 minutes 2 goals had been scored making it an even 1-1. Before half time the Ope squad was eager to score more and this resulted in a 3-1 half-time score. In the second half it was a driven Bele Barkaby that equalled. And, just like in the last match, Ope forgot their defense and Bele Barkaby scored the winning goal in the last minute. For more pics of the match, please check our gallery.

Friidrott – ÖPiadfinalerna Östersund

In awesome autumn weather it was 120 athletes that took part in over 450 starts. A lot of new records went into the books! Emelie Nyman Wänseth (pic) proved to be the strongest overall athlete with winning every event she took part in. For more pictures, check out our gallery.

ÖDFF – Huge, Damer Div 1 Norra Svealand

The international ladies squad of Östersund DFF was well prepared for their home match agains IK Huge. The visiting team had won 4 of the last 6 games so it would a tough team to beat! With few chances in the entire match it was Östersund that scored the one and only goal of the match. For more images, please check our gallery.

Ope IF – Täby IF, Damer Div 1 Norra Svealand

Täby FK visited Ope IF yesterday at the Torvallen Idrottsplats. On this sunny Sunday afternoon it was a strong Täby that scored the first goal. The eager Ope squad followed suit with the equalizer soon after. With their new American recruit Jillian Kinter it was Ope IF that scored again and even scored a quick third goal. Half time was well used by the Täby coach to light a new fire in his team and the ladies of Täby were patient enough in the second half to wait for their chances. With a score of 4-2 for Ope IF, the Täby ladies found the way to the goal again and scored 4 goals in a row. Next week, Ope IF will be playing Gustafs GoIF in an away match and Täby FK has the home advantage against Korsnäs IF FK. For images of yesterdays match, check out the gallery.

The Jam Event Östersund

The Jam Event Östersund

We’ve only moved to Jämtland a couple of weeks ago and have already been to so many great events! This weekend was the first time for Hamperium Photography to see snowmobiles and bikes fly through the air whilst the guys driving them performed cool acrobatics. We are already looking forward to next year’s The Jam Event! Check out our portfolio for some more pics of this seriously cool event.

Axa Fjällmarathon

Emelie Forstberg / AXA Fjällmarathon

What an awesome event is the AXA Fjällmarathon: 43 km and 1800m terrain diffences. Of the 200 athletes that signed up, 140 ladies finished the race. Emelie Forsberg set a great pace and finished in 4:01:21. Emilie Collinge came second 16 minutes after Forsberg and Mimmi Kotka completed the first 3, finishing in 4:33:28. Don’t hesitate to check out our portfolio for some more great action pics.

Skutan Runt

Skutan runt

Skutan Runt is a unique running event in the great surroundings of the Areskutan. Starting out at Hummelstugan and then weaving its way through the paths and up and down the Areskutan with the finishline on Åre Torget. Check out our portfolio for an impression.